Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NYC Marathon-2010

April 7th, may not have been on very many people's calendars this year... but it was talked about anxiously in our household. Jake took a chance and signed up for the NYC Marathon lottery. Today at 12:30, they held it and he got in! It's really random that you get in the first year you sign up. If you don't, they keep your name in the lottery for the following year. If you don't get in then after 3 attempted years, you are automatically in. Well, Jake got in his first try! We are so excited in the Arnett Household. I've already started planning the "Family Trip" to NYC this fall!!! We are going to have an amazing year. Talk about some adventures!!!!


Angie said...

so jealous! Congrats, Jake!

george said...

Congratulations Arnett to NYC!!!!! Dream Run!