Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jogger or Runner?

I've been "running" for over 2 years. I ran my first, and only, half marathon a year and a half ago. Last week I ran my first brew to brew relay race (13.5 miles) and next weekend I will complete my second half marathon (13.1 in OKC). Today I ran 10 miles and was thinking the whole time about a blog I read recently. This woman has ran several marathons (26.2) and is signing up for several more. She commented on a conversation she had where someone called her a "jogger" and she was upset by the statement. It made me realize that there is a difference that I hadn't known before. So while running today it made me wonder which category I fall in. My brain functions by lists, so I made one in my head.

You Are A Runner If...
  1. You buy tennis shoes at least every 6 months.
  2. While driving you hear a song on the radio and think it would be great on your play list.
  3. You plan when during a day you are going to drink water, must hydrate!
  4. Your feet have blisters on top of blisters.
  5. Running errands in your work out clothes isn't a faux pas.
  6. You own more race shirts than dresses.
  7. You sign up for races in order to visit new cities.
  8. When eating out, you don't count calories.
  9. Chocolate isn't cheating, it's a treat!
  10. Your day doesn't feel complete until the miles are done.
Now let me explain my running philosophy for me. I DON'T LOVE TO RUN! I sweat A LOT!!! I am now very sun sensitive, I just bought SPF 45. I run about a 12 minutes mile, not that impressive. I have 2 active kids and I'm planning a big move in the next few months. However, besides all of this, I do LIKE to run. I get to be ALONE! I love music. I have energy, most times, after to get stuff done. I feel less stressed, even with my full plate sitting before me, to enjoy life. This makes me feel like a better mommy, wife, friend and person. So until now I probably would have put myself under the category of jogger. But now I know, I AM A RUNNER.


Julie said...

Love this. You should submit it to a running magazine. Very well written.

george said...

almost makes me want to take up jogging......but I don't thnk that running is in the cards for me.....not that it wouldn't be a good idea.....I think that is one of progression....only time would tell.....

george said...

I don't think I could make a runner....jogger perhaps...I would have to give it a few months to consider....debate whether to start jogging.....then whether to progress to least six months of personal discussion.....who knows.....

Emz said...


This post is AWESOME. #6-9 the VERY VERY best!!