Monday, April 12, 2010

Brew to Brew

Julie and I before the run.

Jake, Kevin and I before the run.

Julie passing me the "baton".

Kevin running his last and "hilly" leg.

Jake crossing the finish line.

For the last two years, Jake has run in a relay race from KC's Boulevard Brewery to Lawrence's FreeState Brewery. Both times he did it, the weather was less than good. I have always wanted to run it too, but the stars didn't line up. This year was a different story. Jake was on a team with the same members as before. I decided to sign up no matter what. Then the unthinkable happened and his team dwindled to just him and I. So we sent out a notice to our friends and made our own team. Julie and Kevin were the lucky members to join our elite force. It was a BLAST!!! The weather was PERFECT! Julie ran 8.8 miles, Kevin ran 9, Jake and I ran over 13. It was a challenge, but we met it head on. I am so proud of everyone on my team for doing strong work and keeping the positive attitude the whole time, making it very fun. Next year we won't be able to run it, but I'm already making plans for 2012!!!! Anyone want to join us?

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Angie said...

I'm in! So proud of all of you-and a little jealous!