Friday, April 30, 2010

Science Fair- 2010

Owen showing us his science journal.
It says, "If I were a bat, I could fly in the dark."

The grass growing group project his class did.

Setting up for his big presentation.

Sorry it is sideways! But at least I was able to post it. This is his project, a dome volcano erupting. He learned about plate tectonics and the 6 types of volcanoes, including the main parts of them. (The hat was something his teacher had them make and wear.)

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george said...

Simply AWWESOME!!!! So great that you got it on video.....great for the memories.....his education on volcanoes....may come in handy sooner than you might think....He and I could discuss the increasing number of them as well as the fact that earthquakes are "hand in hand" with volcanoes.....something to think about......