Friday, April 9, 2010

Carnival Night-2010

Getting on the inflatables.

Getting her hair painted gold.

Holding her cotton candy, while doing the cake walk.

She's going fishin, for something good.

Tonight was Owen's school carnival. As some of you may know we went last year just to check it out. Well, this year we went and even met up with our friend Noah. Jake took the boys around while mommy and Nennie took Allie around. Several times I saw Owen playing with various other boys from school. He's quite social! I even volunteered in the Soccer ball kick game. Noah's mom found some tickets and told me she put Owen's name on some of them and dropped them in a drawing. Sure enough... he WON! Owen gets to be a firefighter for a day! They take him for a ride on the truck and he gets a personal tour of the fire house. I'm hoping he lets me come along... so I can take pictures! :)

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george said...

I hope you get to be the documentor of this memorable experience for Owen.....He will truly have a once in a lifetime experience and at such an impresssionable age! A picture's worth a thousand words.....and I am sure those you might take will fill a volumee!!!!