Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friends of Fresh Pond

For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE to people watch. If you've seen "Date Night", I could give Tina Fey a run for her money. I see people, watch lives and sometimes I can even figure out what is going on it that exact moment in their lives. If not, I just make something up.

I use this wonderful skill to entertain myself while running my 4 mile around Fresh Pond. This evening was pleasantly colorful. Allow me to take you on my run.

It starts off on a smooth part of shaded trail. Then "he" comes along... Mr. ULTRA Runner. Your perfect form, lean body, and what's with the terminator shades? I don't really care how fast you run, but I like to imagine in my mind that you are actually jealous of ME! Then Lassie and Toto come along. We share this part of the path perfectly. Your owners are slowly walking and catching up, not even noticing my presence. But you two are happy to see me, and glad I made it out tonight. I progress further on my loop and pass the "doggy shore". It's humid and muggy, so it's 4-legged visitors are lounging in the shallow water's edge. Next I see the mother and daughter duo. She slowly pushes the wheelchair discussing the day's events and the plants along the path's edge. I'm almost positive this is their weekly date. I smile as I pass them, knowing I got to be a small part of this special time. Scattered along my run is a variety of couples, walking hand in hand. Young and old, foreign and local. From the first meeting (Senior Don Juan, I saw you got her digits!) to the married-for-50 years couple that doesn't even talk, but just quietly walk in each other's company. And just before I leave the circuit, I see you. I call you "Horshack". If anyone has ever seen "Welcome Back Kotter", you know what this guy looks like. I love your Jewish-nose and black fro. You don't care what other's think about your vintage Ghostbuster Tees or your long cotton shorts with white socks up to your calf, you just RUN! I've seen you twice, and it almost doesn't feel like a complete run until I see you.

Then I finish and head home. I love this little community of "friends" I've got at Fresh Pond.


peanut3762 said...

Awesome!!! I could totally picture all of it! However did you happen to notice if Mr. Ghostbuster t-shirt wearing dude was married??? Just a thought.

Julie said...


george said...

Details....details....was he wearing an earing? What kind of shoes did he wear....Keds, Nike, Strideright.....???? Details!

Dennis said...

Beautifully written. There must be a literary gene in the pool somewhere.