Saturday, August 28, 2010

MFA (Museum of Fine Arts)

Today, the family took a trip to the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts). I had heard of a monthly play date for preschool kids. I thought I might take Allie next month, but we thought we would check it out first. We only got through part of it, but it was very COOL! The kids had a blast. They have several kid activities that we didn't get a chance to check out, so we got a membership so we can come back... OFTEN!

These heads were in front of the museum on the Fenway side.

The kids thought the "baby heads" were really cool!

This is my crew, can't wait to get inside.

These chairs are part of an exhibit that is spread throughout the museum.

The signs say, "Please Be Seated". But you have to still be careful.

I think I'll try to take pictures of ALL the various chairs during our several trips here. It will be neat to say we saw them all and to see the kids in them at different times of the year!

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george said...

Totally Awesome!!!! Can't wait until the next round of pics!!!! The kids AND the adults probably enjoyed this equally!!!