Saturday, August 14, 2010

Plymouth and Cape Cod

Today, Jake had his first day off since we got here. So we loaded up the car and headed for Cape Cod. We had no real agenda or time-line which was a good thing, traffic was INSANE!!! As we were cruising along, we noticed we were heading straight for Plymouth. So we decided to make it our first stop. We parked on Main Street and went for a walk.

This was Pilgrim Hall.

We found this outdoor market in the town square.

Here is the Mayflower II.

Guess where we are?

The kids don't seem as interested as we were.

Plymouth Rock

Pilgrim Museum

Then we loaded up the car and continued on our way to Cape Cod. We ran into some more crazy traffic, so we chose a beach near by. It was called Scusset Beach. We brought suits but the water was REALLY cool, so we decided just to wade in the water. We hung out and played in the sand. It was very relaxing.

Sign says we made it.

They loved the waves.

Owen throws rocks into the water.

Allie just chillin in the sand.

The dive we found for lunch. I ate a "Wicked Good Lobster Roll". It was ok!

Allie passed out on the way home.

Our view of Boston on the way in. I'm so glad I didn't drive!

I wonder where we are going tomorrow????


george said...

Oh my!!!! What adventures you all will have...places to see....things to little're definitely off to a great start!!

Angie said...

Sigh-boston is way more fun than wichita.