Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our shoes were made for walking

Today, the weather was PERFECT! So we packed our lunch boxes and headed to the park. Of course we played for about 30 minutes at the playground too.

Then we walked to the Cambridge Public Library. It's is so cool! Part of it is the old and first library (which is still open to the public) and this new area that was just finished this spring. They have a whole floor for children. We got a card, checked out 1 book and 3 movies.

Old Library

New Library

Merry-go-round at the library play park

We continued our walking adventure down the street to Jose Mateo's Ballet Theater. It's in part of this old church. I stopped and signed Allie up for a year of Creative Dance I. She's so excited!

It was so crowded in Harvard Square (freshmen move-in day), so we didn't check out any of the shops. But we did see a cool street performer, singing "Let It Be".

We took the T to Porter's Square and walked home. PERFECT BIG DAY!!!

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george said...

The adventure continues.....A sensory experience as well as an educational one....fresh air...and exercise....a valuable learning experience on the whole....A day...well spent!