Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not Toys R' Us!

One really cool thing about Boston, is we have yet to find that over-priced Toys R' Us. Instead we have found many "mom and pop" toy stores. They are AWESOME!!! This one, Stellabella Toys is the one we visited today in Porter's Square. Allie found a broom/dust pan set (she's been begging for one) and Owen found a helicopter that runs on "boy power"... no batteries!!! Both toys were less than $9 each! They even had an awesome variety of Legos, Playmobil, Hello Kitty, Polly Pocket and the usual suspects of a toy store. But then there was the incredible selection of Eco-toys, Smart Toys and Imagination Creations. My mind was going wild. If I win the lottery... I would spend a good chunk of it there. Good news is we have some friends in Wichita whose birthdays are coming up. Be on the lookout for packages in the mail Boys!

This was the other neat feature of this toy store. This is a picture taken outside of it. You've seen biker bars that have lined up cycles... well, this is next generation! There was a "Mommy and Me" music group in the store that was meeting. Unfortunately for me, my two are too big to join them. One mommy/nanny told me it might be hard to find groups for our ages, but wished me luck! Gee, THANKS!!!


Angie said...

i love really great toy stores, how fun!

george said...

One Adventure after another.....the Never Ending Story!!! Love it!!