Sunday, August 22, 2010

Perfect Sunday!

Before I blog, I'd like to apologize for the size of my photos. I am still working on the glitch in my system and this is the only way I seem to be able to post pictures. Enjoy them anyway!

Today we went here. The Boston Children's Museum. IT ROCKS!!!!!

Yeah, that's Arthur welcoming us.

Giant milk jug in front of it.

It was slightly raining and there was a line to get in. The kids entertained themselves with umbrellas.

This is the 3 story climbing exhibit. It was the first thing Owen wanted to do. Can you see him? Daddy is in the green hat keeping an eye on him.

There he is!

The tennis ball launch was next and very popular.

Owen went first, Daddy helped a little.

Allie had to do it too. Daddy had to help a little more. :)

There was this section called "Kid Powered". It was exactly that! Machines that ran on the electricity that the kids generated. GENIUS!!!

Owen's turn to generate some "power".

Talk about pulling your own weight!

This lit up floor was a game. You had to stomp out the balls.

This was one of the last activities we got to. You sat down real fast and a ping pong ball went up the tube. Allie loved it! We there for about 2 hours and may have covered about 1/3 of it. But you all know me, we bought a family membership. We just might have to go back again, and again, and again... maybe tomorrow?

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george said...

Perfect place for the kids!!! Congratulations on a great discovery for the benefit of all!!