Friday, August 27, 2010

Ninja Mommy

I am not feeling the best today, so besides buying Allie some new ballet shoes and some groceries, we've pretty much stayed at home. But in my moments of sub-A game, I have found the answer to most mom's question... How can I possible do everything in one day? Besides becoming a Ninja!

MINIMIZE!!!! Everything!!! The size of your house, clothes in your closet, clothes in kid's closet, toys in kid's room, dishes, books... you get the idea.

I have a DREAM life in Wichita, Kansas! My home is 3600+ square feet, I have a huge walk-in-closet, my kids both had their own room, they had a separate room just for toys, dishes in my kitchen I NEVER used (I know some of you aren't surprised with that one), tons of built in shelves... you get the idea. But with all of this...STUFF, I needed time to take care of it. Clean the house, do the laundry, pick up the toys, put things away. BUT NOW... I am living in a different environment.

My apartment is 755 square feet. I have a single load washer/dryer that is located in a closet 6 steps between both bedrooms. I don't even own a hamper here. The kids only got to pack 1 box each of toys. So when it comes time to clean up, it feels like a snap. My kitchen/dining/living room are all in one. I can make dinner, watch the kids watching a movie and complete this blog. Even if I am feeling a little less than 100%. I can get it all done. Now I feel like a NINJA!!!


peanut3762 said...

You have always been the stealthy Ninja, you just needed a different environment to see it put into effect!

george said...

Carrie's microcosm!!!! Not only did you downsize.....but condensed as well!!! Reminds me of the time your Aunt Bobbie lived in an Airstream trailer for a while in about small!!!!The bathroom was smaller than a could sh*t, shower and shave...brush teeth...and never move your feet....well....almost!!! You get the picture....As to square footage....I think the trailer was about 35 feet long....and ten foot wide.....Compact!!! Reminded me of a railroad car with sleepers...