Thursday, November 11, 2010

American Girl Doll

During our day 2 in NYC, we visited American Girl Place. I've been prepping Allie on-line with what to expect and what choices she would have. Before we even left on our trip, we knew we would be leaving with a doll, an outfit and a pair of glasses. (Allie sees me and thinks ALL smart girls have to have glasses!) We walked around the pick your own doll area for an overview of what they all looked like. Allie narrowed it down to blonde hair, the longer the better. Then she saw her. I couldn't have changed her mind if I wanted to. She knew exactly what she wanted. Allie took the ticket and we proceeded to pick out a dance outfit and purple glasses. Then proceeded to the checkout where we got her, Lily. That's her name. She is perfect for my little American Girl.

Outside the store with our bag of purchases.

Allie trying on the glasses at lunch. I wouldn't let her open the doll till we got back to the hotel.

Allison and Lily

Lily in her dance outfit.
I'm sure I'll be taking lots of pics like this one.

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ozartink said...

What an adventure!!!And a great time was had by all.....I am sure!!! Great pics.....great memories...worth a thousand words!