Sunday, November 14, 2010

Arnold Arboretum

As my dad will say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." So this blog will mainly be photos of our FIRST trip to the Arnold Arboretum today.

Aim, Ready...



"King" of the pile

Making friends

Looking down at Jake from the top

Looking up from the bottom

My boys

This is MY family tree

This place is AWESOME!

Allie slipped and fell.
"I'm OK!"

Owen climbing up Peter's Hill.

Allie and Daddy bringing up the rear.

Owen wanted me to take this one.

The kids and I at the top of Peter's Hill.

The view from the top.

Going down is much easier.

We only covered about a fifth of this entire park. We WILL be going back to explore more parts!


ozartink said...

I am busted!! Thank you for some truly awesome pictures! Acres and acres of adventures! Priceless....beyond words! You should have been in the picture with the "family tree"......

Sunnye and RJ said...

Which branch of the "family tree" am I on?