Friday, November 12, 2010

New York City-Day 3 (then home)

On our final day in NYC, we went to the Natural History Museum. My kids love the movie, "Night at the Museum". It was so much fun! Then we got on a train and headed back to Boston. Enjoy the few pics from our museum adventure.

The view of Central park from the top floor.

Owen in front of a mural in the Dinosaur exhibit.

We found Dexter!

Allie, Daddy, Owen and Dum-dum!

Mommy and the kids

1 comment:

Emz said...

dum-dum . . . love that. Awesome photos.

home already? or are you READY?! ;)

And ----- 48 or 50 of my 54 miles are done on my "ed". I love him. ;)