Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New York City-Day 1

New York City was so much fun! I took so many pictures (~45) so I decided for blog purposes to break it up by days. We started EARLY Saturday morning, taking a cab to South Station. It was the first (but not the last) time the kids were in one. Then we took an Amtrak train to NYC Penn Station.

Allie sat by me. Here she is reading the safety pamphlet.

The boys sat together across the aisle.

Owen's first glimpse of the big city.

Outside Penn Station.

This was the BEST and BIGGEST hotel room in NYC we've ever had.

angle 1

angle 2

After we checked in. We took a bus to the expo for daddy to get his stuff. Again, Allie and I sat together and the boys sat at the back of the bus.

Daddy getting registered.

Owen and Allie at the expo.
Owen's pose cracks me up!

Me and the kids

Jake getting his race gear in order for his early morning start.

The kids ZONING out before bed. We had a BIG day!


peanut3762 said...

Wow! Where to begin? Love the pics of course! Ya'll look like you're having fun. Really enjoyed seeing BooBoo Bear in a couple of them. That bear gets around like nobody's business! The pic of Owen's fun pose is now my background and just beat out the zombie look the kids have in the last pic. Love all of you!

Julie said...

we made a big cityscape yesterday. we included our own version of the empire state building. thanks for the pic. perfect timing.

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