Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our ZEN place

We have found our heaven on Earth! It's the Arnold Arboretum. We went there last weekend and liked it so much we went back today. We explored an area we never went to before. The kids had so much fun! (All 4 of us)

Just look at this face!

We took this trail.

Then this one.

My little explorers.

We even climbed to the top of this area.

The outdoors is definitely where we feel happy and ALWAYS have fun. Next year I am going to try to plan an outdoor/camping trip for the 4 of us. I can't wait!!!


ozartink said...

The great out of doors.....communing with Mother Nature.....Where the Wild Things Are! No electronics......just plain, good fun! Priceless!!!! Love the pictures!

peanut3762 said...

What a couple of cuties!!! I particularly like the Allie closeup and the pic of them together. Showing Owen in hiking form complete with big stick. Absolutely stunning environment...are there any like that here???