Sunday, November 28, 2010

Arnett's Arctic Adventure

My eskimos waiting for the T.

Before kids, Jake and I would always refer to us bundling up and going out an "Arnett Arctic Adventure". Now the same term has a slight different meaning. After a wonder, relaxing 3 days with daddy at home he had to return to a 24 call today. So the kids and I bundled up and went on our arctic adventure. It started with me taking the kids by the Children's Hospital to drop off some things that daddy needed. I found my way there and back WITHOUT looking at the map or getting lost! This is a good start to our day. Then we park the car at home and catch the T to the Museum of Fine Arts. There is this new 3 story wing on American Art. I got to get the cliff-note version of 2 of those floors. We had fun! We are truly blessed to be in a town with so much culture at our finger tips. After the museum we went to eat lunch at McDonald's. This might not sound very exciting, but it has been almost a month since we last ate there. Once our food was gone, we crossed the street to Frog Pond. There is ice skating there now. (We are already planning to return next Sunday for daddy's birthday.) We played at the Tadpole Playground and then caught the T to head home. We talk about how much we miss home almost daily, but I know that we will miss Boston when it's time to leave.

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ozartink said...

Making an adventure out of a simple outing....creativity!! How do the kids like public transportation? That in itself could be an adventure!