Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New York City-Day 2

Day 2, Daddy got up really early to get ready for his big race. I got a picture of him in his "Ninja gear" (sorry, I forgot to add it to the blog). The kids woke up to wish him "good luck" but then didn't go back to sleep! So after a couple of hours watching TV, we got dressed and the 3 of us hit NYC streets. Our first stop was Times Square.

That's right! We are sitting IN Times Square!

Toys 'R Us has this 3-story Ferris Wheel that we rode on.

This was the view of the 3rd floor from the Ferris Wheel.
Owen was EAGER to go shopping!

Today was the 25th Anniversary of Mario.

We spent an hour outside Nintendo World in line to get in and check it out.
The kid in a red hat was playing with my kids the whole time. They had a blast.

Sitting outside FAO Schwartz, eating a pretzel.

Chewie, completely made of legos!

My kids LOVE the Ugly Dolls.

Photo with the guards outside.

We had arranged to meet Jake after the race at the courtyard area outside FAO Schwartz. Even though it was rather cold, the kids kept themselves entertained with their new stuffed toys.

Owen with his stuffed Tiger.

Allie with her stuffed Golden Retriever.
Yes, she eventually fell asleep in that chair sitting up.
We got up REALLY early.

My first glimpse of Jake as he was crossing the street towards us.

We are so proud of you daddy!


Emz said...

THIS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How awesome. Love the photos. Time Square . . . Ahhhhhhh, I need to go. YAY for 25 for Mario!!

YAY for the hubby!!

ozartink said...

New York.....New York!!! Another adventure in the Arnett's :Year in Boston!! Imagine....Sitting! in Times Square? Shop....til ya drop!!