Saturday, November 13, 2010

Franklin Park Zoo

Next summer, a movie is coming out called "Zoo Keeper". It was filmed and is set in Franklin Park Zoo. Since the weather was BEAUTIFUL, we took a trip to check it out. It was wonderful!

The sign at the entrance we took.

They LOVE zoos!

This lion loved to show off!

So did she!

This tower (folly) was part of the original castle that was on the grounds before the zoo was built.

I had to take a pic of the two of us.

This statue was outside the rain forest. Inside, we saw a week old baby gorilla hanging on it's mommy. SO CUTE!!!

Owen posing on the playground.

Owen and Allie playing with each other on the playground.

The kids riding a caterpillar statue.

The kids and I outside the gates as we left.

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ozartink said...

The kids will be experts on zoos by the time they come back to Kansas! Suppose they'll be sayin' "Gaday, Mate!" and "Crichy"? The pictures....are priceless....worth thousands of words!