Monday, November 22, 2010

Mystic, CT-just like I promised!

On Sunday, we took a day trip to visit the Mystic Aquarium. It was AWESOME! They had several exhibits outside and a huge inside exhibit hall. We've been to Sea World in San Diego, but this was our first aquarium visit. We are waiting for the bad weather to visit Boston's, but we will!

LOVED the Sea Lions.

Beluga Whales, they looked like they were smiling at us.

Want to pet a shark?

My favorite, the jellyfish!

Hundreds of Nemos.

Touching the Sting Rays.

And just as I was promised last time, we ate lunch at Mystic Pizza!
This was a wonderful day trip.


Emz said...

YAY for Nemo's!! Love that.

Think I'd pass on the shark touching. ;)

peanut3762 said...

Why is everyone else in red and you are in blue??? Love the pics though!

ozartink said...

Priceless pics!!!! Love them!!! Were you going for patriotic colors? You know......The Boston Year is going to be quite the heavy coffee table tome....a veritable photo album of memories and adventures!!! The impressive educational value of the experience alone.....Score!!! Touchdown and the extra point!!!!