Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Harvard Man

This is my little man. He's not that little anymore. Since we've moved to Boston, he's really grown up. He lost his FIRST and second tooth. He's been on a train. Visited New York City. Can ride the T like a pro. He doesn't complain about walking 3+ miles. He sleeps ALL NIGHT in his own bed. Accepting a variety of cultures. (To quote him, "Mommy, there are people from ALL OVER THE WORLD here in Boston!") Learning to deal with change and being the "new kid". Reading books all by HIMSELF. Mastering the DSi. (He will play a game until it is FINISHED!) Sampling new foods. Growing like a weed. And he's still considerate and sweet to both his sister and mommy.

OK ladies, all those interested interview with his mommy. This one's a keeper!


Emz said...

That photo is adorable!!

I'm hoping Peanut will like younger men! ;)

peanut3762 said...

Awwwww, cute and considerate. Lethal combo throw in his brains and competition will be nonexistent.

ozartink said...

Heartbreaker for shure......and he has so much more room to grow...consider the possibilities!!
I am so proud of you and Jake! You have done such a great job....the best is yet to come!!!