Friday, December 24, 2010

Arnett Christmas Eve in Boston

It is Christmas Eve, and in order to keep with what we would be doing back home, we opened presents from Grandma and Papa Arnett and each other. We received the presents from G and P in 2 boxes last week from Fed Ex. So the first thing I did was empty the presents from the brown boxes. Wouldn't you know it? The kids played in those for over 30 minutes!!! Who needs new toys? Ok, maybe my kids are hoping for some. And here is what we got.

Who knew a box could be a pilot/co-pilot plane?

Here is my nutcracker that I got from the kids and Jake.

Here is his DS game he's been wanting.

Allie opened her first present and found ballet outfits for her doll. She quickly dropped them and ran to get Lily.

Owen got the AT-AT Walker! I know what he and daddy will be doing this weekend.

More outfits for Lily!!!!

A new DS bag and another game.

Allie got some matching clothes.

Allie got Owen a Solar Powered Robot kit.

Let the fashion show begin!

A quick snapshot of some of what they got.

Owen playing his DS. And yes, he was in his pj's ALL DAY!!!

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ozartink said...

Looks like they made out like bandits!! Aaaaahhhh.....memories!