Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Salem with Jen

Salem is a city, that is made just for my sister. I told her that the next time she visited me we would take her there. Today was the day. I called Owen's school and told them he wouldn't be there. Then we loaded the car and grabbed some breakfast for the road.

As you can see, she was very happy!

The crew by "Bewitched" and the city Christmas Tree.

I found Jen a house in downtown Salem we think she can afford.

BONUS! It's for sell! :)

Jen tried the Captn' Special Sandwich for lunch. And she liked it!

It was a lot of fun and a ton of walking. But the day isn't over! Tonight, Jen and I are going out just the two of us. I gave her a few options, we'll see what she picks!


Emz said...

The downtown home looks delightful, delicate and down right do-able [if you are a mouse]. Too funny.

Captn' Special Sandwich ...... now that looks like a good place to live for 10 minutes.

Sunnye and RJ said...

That house is priceless. But it is "for sale" not "for sell", according to RJ. You would need a magic spell to live in that house. HA HA

ozartink said...

It may be a whirlwind of activity....but the next few days will be maxxed out for fun!!! The best vacation ever....I would bet Jennie will put it right up there with her visit to England!!! Enjoy!!!