Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday Girl, She's 4!!!!

That's right world, my baby is 4 today. She picked out this ensemble to wear, even though it was rather cold outside. We had a busy day! We went to our favorite bakery, Mike's Pastry located in North Shore. At lunch, we ate at the Galleria. Jen and mommy got iced teas from Dunkin Donuts as the manager, who was talking to Allie, gave her 4 free sprinkle munchkin donuts (since it was her 4th birthday). She was on cloud nine! This evening we got to open presents after daddy got home from work. This is a photo show of the wonderful gifts she received.

She got a pink DSi from Grandma and Papa. It came with her first game.
She's very excited!

A book to read tonight.

I'm going to look just like my doll!!!

Mommy and Daddy got her a baby stroller.

Olivia's dress up trunk.

And a Puppy Pillow Pet, she's been asking for one for almost a year!!!

Nana, G. G. and Nennie went the Barbie route.
First a car.

A vacation house.

And of course "Glam furniture".

Everything was opened and played with. She's one happy 4 year old. My amazing girlfriends from Wichita sent birthday wishes informing us that they each sent her a gift. She can't wait to see what they got her. It's been a small party, but filled with love!

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ozartink said...

How time flies!!!!! When she comes back to Kansas...... she will be...
"all growed up"!!! How quickly they do .....grow up.