Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Nutcracker, Jose Mateo Ballet Theater

Today we went to see The Nutcracker performed by the ballet theater group that Allie goes to. Obviously she is still too small and young to participate (on stage), but one of Owen's classmates was Mouse #1 in it.

This was our view from our seats.

Yep, Lily got to come too.

My duo.

We gave Jonas a congratulations gift.

Jonas and Owen

It was very good, but the kids got very restless by the last quarter. Jake and I moved to the very back row. Allie decided to do her "own version" of the ballet in the aisle. At the end when the dancers were taking their bows, so was Allie. She was very cute. I'm a little nervous about taking her to the Boston Ballet next Sunday, I'm sure I'll have a good blog to follow then.

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ozartink said...

To sit thru the entire show....I'm not sure I could....sounds like Allie has aspirations! Just another chapter in the Boston Year!!! I am sure that Allie will be pumped for that show!!!! I bet that some of the audience enjoyed Allie's performance as well!