Monday, December 27, 2010

Blizzard 2010

Last night, it snowed. Let me say that better. Last night, IT SNOWED!!!! A LOT!!!! It's actually still snowing as I type this. My kids have NEVER seen this much snow. It was almost better than any present they opened earlier this week. I said ALMOST.

First we had to check it out from the warmth and safety of our apartment. Luckily, I have to adventurers that have "spotting scopes". They made some observations and came to a consensus. WE HAVE TO GO OUT THERE!

Allie, checking it out.

Owen joining her.

Now that the decision has been made, we begin the metamorphosis of becoming "Arctic Eskimos". I was fortunate to capture this process in a series of photos.

Pink under-layer

Black snow-overalls

Hat, Coat, Gloves and Boots.
She's READY!!!

A picture of the garage area.

Owen is actually standing, the snow here is up to his knees!

Allie is trying her best to keep up.

Wasn't the best snow to make a snowman. But the big snow clumps from the Bobcat worked just right.

Daddy helped build our FIRST snowman.

Then Allie knocked it over!

Owen is king of (one of) the mountain.

Not to be out-done, she needed assistance.

Daddy rebuilt another snowman, but he had other ideas.

BANZAI!!! Yep, he jumped off the mountain and onto the snowman.

It was one of the best hours I've ever had in the snow. And tomorrow we are planning on taking our sled out and finding some hills!!!! Did I mention it is still snowing?


Patsy Baker said...

looks cold

ozartink said...

SNOW!!!!!!! THINK of the Possibilities!!!!!