Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday-Daily Report

Jake would have a habit of texting me, "What's the D. R.?" That meant he wanted the highlights from the day. I thought since we did so much today, I would hit the highlights.

After taking Owen to school, Jen, Allison and myself went to the Main Public Library. It was part of our regular routine, but Jen is a BOOK LOVER so we had to make sure she was with us. It was worth it too! She can't get over how awesome it is. And she's right. It will be one of the many things we miss when we move back. Then we hit some stores in Harvard Square. Continued our day at Coolidge Corner for lunch and a bookstore.

Marque of the old theater in Brookline.

After lunch, and a parking ticket (Oops!) we went to the grocery store so we could pick up a few ingredients for Jen to bake some cookies. And for those of you who know her, they were good. Our apartment smelled so wonderful!

The kids were thrilled when we picked Owen up from school. His classmate A.J. and his little sister, Jayln, was coming to our apartment for a play date. This was our first time having friends at the apartment. The kids were great. They had so much fun!

A.J. and Owen

Allison and Jayln

And to make my day even better... when my husband comes home from work, the 2 of us are going out to dinner. We haven't been out just the 2 of us since late September! I can't wait!!!

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ozartink said...

All of this......And a date night!!!! Jen is soooo in her about a win-win situation! What a day!!!