Thursday, May 19, 2011

"So much time, so little to do... STRIKE THAT. Reverse."

To quote one of my FAVORITE movies. We had a moving company come to the apartment to give us an estimate on how much it will cost to move home. It costs us more to move home than it did to move out here last summer. (I'll blame rising gas prices!) But this is the beginning of a whirl-wind of activity in Arnett-ville. The following is a list of all that will happen between now and "M" Day (Moving Day), June 25th.

  1. A visit from our friends, the Prices!
  2. GLEE Live concert.
  3. Scooper Bowl (it involves ice cream and the Jimmy Fund)
  4. Weekend trip to Bar Harbor, Maine
  5. Duck Boat Tour
  6. Two different girlfriends of mine want to take me to dinner before we leave. (2 different nights, both are named Michele/Michelle)
  7. We are hosting a "Farewell Play Date" with our family friends, the Beans and Fortners.
  8. Allie has 2 more dance classes. One will be a parent observation recital.
  9. Jake has a graduation/dinner we will be dressing up and attending.
  10. A Fellowship-Family dinner.
  11. Family trip to Coco Keys Resort.
  12. I'm getting a pedi-cure! (I'm very excited about this one!)
  13. Owen's first grade "Writer's Workshop Readings".
  14. Owen's last day of school. (June 23rd)
  15. Packing up our stuff and taking out the stuff we don't want.
  16. Cleaning the apartment.
On top of this, I'm still training (kicking BUTT) for my marathon. I love my life. Now, I just have to go find some boxes!!!

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