Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project-Lose Tooth

When you see the above picture... you might think, "Ah, how cute!?" But there is quite the story behind that nice GAP!

This tooth has been "lose" for over a month now. The funny thing about it, it just slowly kept pushing the other teeth apart. Almost like it was making room for the "big" tooth that would take it's place. Then at teeth brushing time on Thursday night, we noticed a space at the top of this tooth. I told Owen that it was just barely hanging on. That's all it took... sort-of.

First, you should know... he can't STAND blood! He wiggled his tooth a little and it bled, just a little, but it came off on his fingers.

Next comes the crying. I say "crying", but what I really mean is this gut-retching, drowning-cat howling (and some tears). This went on for about 10 minutes in the bathroom, while I kept giving him some tissue to "stop" the bleeding. I tried to tell him that if he just quickly pulled it out it would not only stop hurting, but stop bleeding too!

Finally, he takes one of the MANY wads of tissue and bites down on it. This motion causes the tooth to shift and "pop" right out! THANK GOD!

At last, you see the happy boy in the above photo. Does anyone happen to know, how many more of these I'll have to go through?

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