Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Massachusetts says "Hi" to Papa George

Yesterday we picked Papa George up at the airport. We didn't even get back to the apartment, parked the car and ate dinner at Mr. Bartley's. (Yes, I know. We take EVERYONE there!) Then we followed the meal with the "Harvard Tour" as Owen likes to call it.

Papa George and Owen

Allie wearing the hat that Papa George drew for her.

Dad and I found this church hidden on our walk.
There is so many cool buildings here!

Today I called Owen's school and told them that he wouldn't be there. We loaded up the car and drove to Salem. It was a little cool, but we had a BLAST!

We went on a "History of the Witch" tour.

Salem has a way of "bewitching" you!

The crew sitting on the front step of "The Witch's House".


I can't wait to see what else we do this week!!!


Patsy Baker said...

What a fun day. So glad I got to go to Mr. Bartley's.

Joan said...

Looks like PaPa G. is getting the "full tour" So much fun!!