Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Under the Radar" Marathon

NOT ME! My amazing husband, Jake, ran a marathon today. The Cox, Rhode Race Marathon to be exact. It was in Providence, RI, which lucky for us is less than 2 hours from where we live. He was looking for one to run to have something to work towards during the "crazy" winter months. I'm so proud of him. In the last year, he gave up drinking soft drinks (we used to buy cases of Diet Coke like it was going out of style), he started "heart-rate training" for some of his runs, cut WAY BACK on drinking coffee (which was starting to get a little crazy) and baking some "healthy" cookies as treats. I know he doesn't think he has been able to get quality training runs in, with us living in Cambridge. But all these life-style changes are starting to have some positive changes to the way he runs. In fact, he ran today's marathon at 3:49:14! Even his recovery time was impressive. He ate 4 salt packs and drank several bottles of water to help with muscle cramps. He looks great, minus the awesome farmer's burn! I guess we need to buy some sun block now. :) Unfortunately, I didn't get a "good" picture of him this weekend. But I did get some good ones of the kids.

Owen relaxing in the hotel lobby.

Allie post bath, trying on the robe.

Owen waiting for daddy at Providence Place.

Allie waiting for daddy at Providence Place.

The kids had fun (minus the fact that I got them all worked up for a swimming pool only to find out the hotel didn't have one!), the weather was PERFECT and we got to spend it together! This "under the radar" trip was a successful mission. I wonder where we will go next?


ozartink said...

Making more memories....the Arnett's Boston Year!

Patsy Baker said...

Way to go Jake!