Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bar Harbor, Maine

Maine, the last state in New England for us to visit. CHECK!

We drove up after dinner on Friday night. It was late when we rolled in, so it was to bed for a big day on Saturday. Unfortunately, the FOG was what we woke up to. If you are ever wondering why Steven King almost always has a fog in his books... it's because it is REALLY FOGGY in Maine. Especially on these islands. But we don't let the weather stop us. We got in the car and drove into Bar Harbor to walk around and eat some breakfast.

This fountain is near the harbor... Can you see it?

One of my main goals on this trip was to walk along the sand bar. Apparently at low tide you can walk between the islands. I thought this would be really cool. So we went to check it out at high tide for a comparison.

The kids at waters edge. At low tide we are suppose to be able to walk to that island.
We shall see...

After breakfast, at this cool dinner, we drove up to Cadillac Mountain. Again, the fog put a little glitch in this plan. It was sort-of fun driving up and not really seeing ANYTHING. So we parked the car and decided to explore on foot.
Owen climbing

Allie having a ball.

The view?

Owen checking out a trail.

The view from the trail.

Made it to the top!

We got back in the car and drove into the town again. I thought we should check out the tide situation before lunch. I'm so glad we did!

The kids standing in the same spot as above.

They weren't kidding when they said you can WALK on the sea floor to the neighboring island. You know us, we did it!

Allie and I walked together and collected shells.

You can barely make out Owen and Jake on the island.

We caught up with the boys and looked back at Bar Harbor.

My usual kids shot.

My boys!

We found a trail that leads into the island, so you know we had to check that out too!

Owen leading the way.

We crossed back over the sand bar and went to have some lunch. There was this cool theme-restaurant called "Route 66". It had some REALLY good lobster and crab. Maine sure does know how to make seafood.

Outside the lunch place. It was located in an alley!

Across the street was this ice cream place we went to.

The kids and I each got some ice cream.

The name of the ice cream and dessert emporium.
One word...YUM!

We went back to the hotel to rest for a while. Then we ate dinner at a cool restaurant called "Geddy's". The weather wasn't as super as we would have liked, but we weren't staying much longer.

After a leisure morning, we packed up and drove back to Cambridge. Honestly, it was the perfect length of a trip. Next road trip... THE DRIVE HOME!!!


ozartink said...

Explorers....experiencing Mother Nature first hand!!

Patsy Baker said...

What a cool place to visit.

peanut3762 said...

I swear I saw a vampire running through that fog on the island!!! *sigh* New place for me to check out!