Saturday, January 8, 2011

Adventures in Parenthood-Can't Touch This!

Once upon a time, I had this tiny little baby girl that I had to carry everywhere. NOW, I have this unstoppable active and adventurous kid! She sees something and she just goes for it. For example, today we went to the Museum of Fine Arts. We've been there about 10 times. The kids know that you are NOT allowed to touch the art. I remind them constantly... in fact, every time we enter a new room I say it. So we are walking into this new room that has amazing painting. I start to walk over to this one and out of no where Allie comes RUNNING past me and right up to the painting with her hand stretched out in front of her. Before I can stop her she "pets" the painting. In the next 5 seconds, I quickly grab her and pull her back while 2 guards literally jump out of their skin and both "inform" us we are not allowed to touch the art. YEP! My daughter touched a painting. Not just any painting, a Picasso! Now that my embarrassment has faded and we are home, I can laugh about it. But now I'm understanding why some people put their kids on leashes. Not that I would! I'm just saying I understand.


Sunnye and RJ said...

She must have great taste in art to pick that piece to touch. Way to go Allie.

peanut3762 said...

Oh my, might want to break out the finger paint so she can create her "own" artwork! Yikes! Slippery little sucker! She must have been drawn to it by a force greater than her. What did Owen say? Way to handle the situation like a trooper though!

ozartink said...

Truly great taste....but.....what were the odds??? Who'da thought? Right? She didn't put a finger through it.....she...."actually touched" a Picasso!