Thursday, January 27, 2011

SONY... Answer my prayers!

"Sit DOWN!", "You are TOO CLOSE to the TV.", "I CAN'T SEE!". Do any of these phrases sound familiar? I think I've said/heard them in my living room, at least 20 times, in the last hour. So I'm praying that someone smart person out there in SONY world sees my blog and answers my request.

I want a TV that will automatically shut off when someone comes within a certain distance of the screen. Now this distance can be programed for different lengths depending on the size of the room. We have games that no longer need controls because of technology that lets your body make the movements that you wish the game to make. WHY can't we have a sensor of some kind that shuts the TV off? It will come right back on, once the object of interference moves to the correct location for TV viewing. I think this will, in time, program viewers to subconsciously stay in the viewing zone for every ones pleasure. Does this sound to unrealistic? Is there someone out there already working on it? Please, SONY... Answer my prayers!


ozartink said...

Contact them......write them a letter...stating your case...give them six will happen!!!!

peanut3762 said...

But what if I want to watch and or listen while in the kitchen and will be right back?

Avatar said...

Haha.. Many house has the same problem. Maybe they need to fix the tv a bit higher on the wall or something. :P