Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Got Snow?

Yep! It's snowing again! Owen got a snow day from school, so we bundled up and headed out into the Winter Wonderland. And for some reason, my blog is acting up again. So I hope this works.

This guy decided that his car wasn't going anywhere, so he pulled out his skis. The kids thought it was hilarious!

The view outside our apartment.

She loves playing in the snow. Before we walked out, she told me she needed her sunglasses. Apparently it's bright out.

Owen in front of a snowy tree.

A LOT of snow!

Let's build a snowman.

Just playing around.

In the 30 minutes of us being outside it went from light dusting of snow to huge, heavy flakes falling from above. This has been an awesome winter!


ozartink said...

Totally Priceless!!!! They will remember these days for years!!! They are enjoying the snow like a couple of girls used to years ago!!!

jolyn said...

It's so beautiful! I can handle the cold if there's snow to make it worth it!