Sunday, January 9, 2011

Resume of a Mom

Earlier today I was thinking about how long it has been since I've been in the workforce. Before having kids, I got my college degree in Elementary Education and taught for 6 years. Then I chose to take the path of stay-at-home mommy. I've loved every minute of it!

So just for fun, I thought I would update my resume and see what jobs I would be qualified for. (This was all in the name of fun.)

Carrie Arnett
Mommy of Owen and Allison

OBJECTIVE To Raise two wonderful and healthy children.

EXPERIENCE That I've learned hands-on in the field.
*Clown-Cheer up the saddest face, juggle (2 balls) and recently perfected some balloon animals
*First Aid Nurse-Able to handle ALL body fluids, carry bandages at all times and can kiss most pains away
*Photographer-Capture thousands (seriously) of moments in daily life to be enjoyed for years to come
*Chef-(Believe it or not) Prepare several meals and manage to make sack lunches that are returned empty
*Hair Dresser-Can cut/trim basic male cut and am perfecting various female up dos
*Party Planner-From guest lists to decorating themes, organize a festive time for all
*Personal Shopper-Keep wardrobes up-to-date both in style and current sizes
*Architect (Lego)-Can create and replicate a variety of structures using ONLY Legos
*Chauffeur-(with the help of my iPhone map) Able to drive to and from any location/play date/appointment and be on time
*Artist-Use a spectrum of mediums (paint, crayons, pencils, play dough, paper, etc) to construct "works" of art
*Judge-Know the law (of the house) and use proper punishment when said rules are broken
*Social Organizer-Remembers important dates and schedules regular outings
*Teacher-Instructs basic and common sense lessons for daily survival
*Cheerleader-Encourages individual and independent growth
*Referee-Able to see (and at times) implement win/win solutions
*Personal Trainer-Incorporate activities (dance, swim, soccer, etc) to promote physical health and influence healthy eating
*Zoo Keeper-Self Explanatory (did I mention I'm a mom of 2)
*Maid-Clean up messes in an appropriate time, implement organization tools where everything has a place

EDUCATION B.S. of Most Things
University of Parenthood
GPA in major, pass (so far!)

HONORS Became Mom to Owen.........................2004-present
Became Mom to Allison.......................2006-present

I'm not sure I will ever go back to working. But I'm both impressed and pleased with myself. On paper I'm quite accomplished. In life... I'm quite successful!


ozartink said...

Well said!!! In both common sense and excel! The hands on training is priceless and ongoing.....continuing education!m

Patsy Baker said...

Nicely done.

Karen Chen-Manning said...

Ha! Love this one. :)