Monday, January 17, 2011

Children's Museum and The Cummins

Owen didn't have school today, Martin Luther King Day, so we went to the Children's Museum. The only difference from any other time we've gone, we met some friends there. It's ironic, we move over 1600 miles from home and meet up with a family that was from our church! The Cummins moved here, actually south of Boston, in November. It was so much fun! They have these 3 amazing kids that mine had a blast with.

Owen and Allie in the bubble room.

Jenny, Anna and Ellie

Owen in the Climbing Tower.

Micah using "Kid Power".

Ellie and Owen

Owen and Ellie at the water zone.

Allie and Anna in the sand zone.

Micah driving the bus.

Arthur, Owen, Binky and Ellie

A new exhibit on doll houses.

This sound exhibit was very cool! Hanging hula-hoops with bells on yarn. It was music to my ears.

Owen checking out some tools.

Safety Goggles... SAFETY DANCE!

Micah and Owen in front of the "green screen" so they could be on TV.

Jack-Hammer Allie

Owen, with his best "city worker" look!

Jack-Hammer Anna

Owen constructing something with pipes.

Allie, Owen and Ellie hanging in the tunnels.

Micah, Allie, Ellie and Owen by a "inner city" snowman.

We had a lot of fun with these guys. I'm sure we'll be doing more with them in the next few months... stay tuned!


Angie said...

Boston is so much cooler than Wichita. Just sayin'.

ozartink said...

Another memorable day in the Arnett's Boston Adventure.........