Sunday, January 30, 2011

Newbury Street Date

Tonight, Jake and I went on a date! We know a family here in town that has a son, AJ, in Owen's class and a daughter, Jayln, about Allie's age. The kids get along great. Their mom offered to take the kids for the evening so we could go out. It was WONDERFUL! We took the bus to Newbury Street. It's several miles long and has some of the most amazing stores and places to eat. I took pictures of the items we purchased from the various stores.

I bought some mittens that were made in Massachusetts from recycled sweaters.

I bought some Swiss chocolates.

I bought some other chocolates. :)

This is the menu from where we had dinner. Bostone Pizza

After dinner, we got drinks at the Wired Puppy. Jake got a coffee and I got a blueberry iced tea.

It was so enjoyable to walk/talk with Jake and not have the kids to constantly need our attention. We will be making more time for each other when we move back to Kansas. Thanks to the Bean family for watching the kids. Owen has been wanting to have someone to play with. It was a wonderful evening for EVERYONE!


Sunnye and RJ said...

I am glad that you had a wonderful evening. You need that. We had a great time in Wichita yesterday with Jennie, Valorie and Chris. A much needed break. I really liked the mittens. Is the chocolate dark?

ozartink said...

Make time to take time.....always ...