Monday, January 31, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things-Boston #2

The Museum of Fine Art has been one of those places we find ourselves visiting at least once a week. (I'm still not sure I've seen the entire thing.) I've posted several entries about the museum and our experiences there. The following are a random collection of photos that were taken at different visits.

"New to the neighborhood" by Norman Rockwell.

Another "Seat Art".

Japanese Art

Moon Bowl

My "sophisticated" crew

This is a wall of photos taken of 4 sisters each year since 1975. I love this one.

Allie checking out this abstract video art.

Mosaic tile floor. It even talks about how they moved it to the museum.

David's head

Looking at the Rotunda ceiling through mirrors on the first floor.

"Window View", I think it's of Brooklyn.

This was a metal door.

Interactive computer table. Kids could alter works of art. Allie liked checking it out.

These are just a few photos that capture moments of our visits to the mfa. I'm sure we'll be going again REAL soon!


ozartink said...

Awesome....cliff notes for the art gotta be there to truly appreciate it!!!

Bridget said...

you know... i live near boston and have never been there. dumb.