Monday, January 24, 2011

White Rabbit Syndrome-Breakthrough

"I'm LATE!" These 2 little words have me on pins and needles. I can't stand to be late, for anything, even 5 minutes kills me. I know... I have a problem. In fact, I train myself to always be early. Those of you who know me, KNOW what I'm talking about. But this morning, I had a breakthrough. Let me set the scene.
Owen's school starts at 8:25, the doors open for students at 8:10, we leave the apartment around 7:45 to drive the approximate 3 miles to get to his school. CRAZY!!! (I know this, just humor me and read on.) Today we left at 7:50. No big deal, 5 minutes. The kids get buckled up quickly and are eating bananas in the backseat as we get on our way. About 1 mile into our drive we come upon a car accident. All the important people are there doing there best to clean it up and direct traffic. Unfortunately, they won't let me turn the way I NEED to go and the next thing I know I'm heading in the wrong direction on a road that doesn't seem to have ANY roads to get me not only back on track but avoid the congestion that is now building around the accident site. I make a few turns and find myself heading sort-of the right way, but we are now 10 minutes behind our normal schedule. No big deal, I can't control the accident. I'm thankful it wasn't us in the accident and it appeared that no one was hurt. I continue driving through the most congested traffic I've ever encountered (apparently everyone else needed to turn left too!). Lights seemed to take FOREVER! I even had to get my iPhone map out to see where I was at one point. Long story (somewhat) short, I got Owen to school at 8:45! We had to stop at the office and give his name to a secretary (who clearly was annoyed with me not aware of the tardy policy) and got a pass to take him to his class. Allie and I got back in the car and drove through more traffic to get home. I parked my car at 9:15 in the garage. Then it hit me, I wasn't freaking out that whole time. I was aware that I couldn't control the traffic. It was almost comical how many obstacles we had on our morning adventure. I was a little worried the chaos might make Owen a little distracted in school. At pick-up, his teacher informed me that he had one of his BEST days today. I was so relieved! Now as I type this post, I'm wondering if my laid-back, go-with-the-flow (of traffic) attitude helped influence how his day went. BREAKTHROUGH!

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ozartink said...

I am sure it did!!!! Mom sets the stage for the day....whether subtle or overt....Success!!! May you continue to experience such triumphs!!!