Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear, Carrie

I was reading the Sunday Comics yesterday and one of them was about a guy writing a letter to himself instead of making New Year's Resolutions. I love the idea, so here is mine.

Dear 2010 Carrie,
Last year was a CRAZY year! A great year, but full of several twists and turns and surprises. The move to Boston was the biggest thing. Because of this, I've realized that I can and will survive outside my "comfort zone". So this has opened me up to a new concept. I'm going to live my life to the limit. I've always been grateful for what my life has become, but I've always tried to be safe and not to push myself too hard. This year is going to be about pushing myself and do new things.

I'm planning a ski trip with my husband and kids. The kids will be learning to ski and the grown-ups will be learning to snow board. I'm taking my running to the next level. I'm going to train and run my first marathon. Jake has already taken the days off and we'll both run the same race. (Not the same time, obviously!) I hope this goes well, because Jake and I have agreed to join a team of runners to do a relay race in 2012 called "Hood to Coast". There is actually a movie coming out this month about the very same race. Jake and I will be returning to Hawaii again this year, but we are going to a different island. Kauai is suppose to be the MOST beautiful place. I can't wait. And of course, somewhere in the middle of all this, we get to move back to Wichita. We CAN'T WAIT!!!!

As you can see, you've got yourself busy and (hopefully) having the time of your life. Let me know how everything goes in next year's letter.

2011 Carrie


Angie said...

yay! Which race?

Sunnye and RJ said...

I like that idea. To write yourself a letter to read next new year. I think I might try that but will not do it on the computer.

ozartink said...

As always.....the plan is laid out..the objectives made...getting all those ducks in a row......perhaps I should give it a try......