Monday, October 25, 2010

My running partner

It was a cool, crisp Fall morning. I decided to take advantage of some alone time and go for a run. I've always loved running with company, it seems to make the time fly by. But recently, I have been running by myself... or so I thought. Fresh Pond is my route du' jour. I know the distance and it's away from traffic. While I was finishing my usual loop around the area, I suddenly realized I wasn't alone. The trees, water and even the wind was encouraging me to go a little farther. So for the first time, I ran the circuit 2 times. The second time I took it easy and enjoyed the view. My running partner is quiet, but very supportive. I had a smooth trail with fresh air to energize me to keep going. Some people say nature is inspiring to the artist. I say, it inspires the athlete. Next time, I think my partner might suggest 3 laps!

I took this beautiful picture today, of my running partner.


Emz said...

. . . and it doesn't even talk back.?!?! it's a "keeper".


peanut3762 said...

Yeah....well, as much as I love nature, I think it might be time for Carrie to get more one on one time with other humans. Adult humans. Mother Nature is known to be a busy woman, just as busy as you and I know she loves your running together and all, but please, get a head set and call me or something next time. Describe to me what nature is saying to you. XOXOXO, Me!

ozartink said...

Mother Nature may not audibly speak to you...but in its speaks volumes!!!