Friday, October 8, 2010

Growing Up, Before My Eyes

Photo taken today while waiting to pick Owen up from school.

Today I was talking to my Grandma (G. G.) on the phone, and she asked me how big the kids are getting. I gave the usual answer, "Bigger every day" without really thinking about the words. Then I looked in the other room and saw her. She really is becoming this "big" girl. She spends every day with me, and most days we are busy going places and doing things. But she's started picking up these manners and phrases that are distinctive of her and who she will be 10-20 years from now. I had a sudden longing for my little girl, but a sense of pride bloomed in it's place. The world may never be ready for her... but she's ready to take it on.


Sunnye and RJ said...

I really like Allison's hair. She sure looks older with her hair pulled back.

peanut3762 said...

Dude, you're gonna make me cry!

george said...

It happens....before your very eyes...cherish the are worth a thousand words....Priceless!!