Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last minute, Birthday Party

This is party!

Allie, Owen and Emmie (birthday boy)

Some days I feel like there is more to get done than time will allow. But today, time was on my side. After we got up and got ready we (mom, RJ, Owen, Allie and myself) all left to go eat breakfast. As we were walking out of the apartment we ran into Kaori (a nice woman we met a few weeks ago). She was so glad she saw us. Her son was having his 4th birthday party in the courtyard by their apartment at 11:30 and he wanted to invite Owen and Allie. Lucky for us we had no plans for that time and we were going to Target after breakfast, so the kids wanted to pick out a present. It was so great to be doing something very normal, even if it was last minute. (Those of you who know me, know that I am so NOT a impromptu person.)

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george said...

Not impulsive? Not whatever way the wind blows? Not off the wall? There are so many "worse" things one could be....When you are great at some things...perhaps it was meant to be......I love you for you.....