Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things that go "bump" in the night

Last night, after tucking the kids into bed, they thought they would sneak out of bed for one last plea to stay up. I was laying in my bed reading when they "sweetly" tip-toed into my room. I told them they could get one more kiss then it was time to go to bed. Allie got hers and ran back down the hall. Owen came in for his and walked slowly backwards towards the door. Then he turned around and walked right into the door frame. He bumped his head on the metal latch to the door knob. He started crying and walking over to me. That's when I saw it! A trickle of blood down his forehead. I thought I handled it rather well. I called for Jake, and he brought me a folded wet paper towel to stop the bleeding with. By now, Allie had come in and saw the blood. She was so upset for her Bubba. I took care of Owen, Daddy went and consoled Allie in her room. 20 minutes later the blood was stopped and his face was cleaned up and they were both back in bed falling asleep. What a way to end a day!

The weapon of mass destruction.

The blood. Boy, do head injuries BLEED!!!

The next morning. It's scabbed over, but you can see the 1/2 inch gash on his forehead at the hair line.


george said...

Crisis Control!!!! Remember the sliver in your leg and the trip to Downs to the Dr.??? I am sure you had the situation ....well in hand...and with your back up covering with Allie.....You and Jake....doing just all right!!

Angie said...

Good grief! I guess that's one way to get to stay up a little later.

Sunnye and RJ said...

Dangerous spot. RJ got his jeans belt loop caught at the same spot and it pulled him back into your room. It tore the belt loop and he has a small hole where it tore.

Emz said...

Awwww man. That stinks. :(
Hope he's doing good this morning. I love last kisses in the evening. Bummer this happened. Better luck tonight. ;)