Saturday, October 23, 2010

Head of the Charles Regatta

Us by the Charles River.

This was a BIG Saturday for us. We started out as the 4 of us walking down to the Charles River to see the Regatta. It was chilly, but it was really interesting. I think Allie might try to do crew when she gets older.

The view from the Harvard Footbridge.

Some of the 4 crew teams.

The kids and I.

Daddy and Owen.

Then we split up. The boys crossed over into the Brookline side of the bridge for an adventure and the girls went back to the Cambridge side to run some errands in Harvard Square. Then Allie and I ended up at the Prudential Building. It is this huge shopping area that takes up about 5 buildings with walk-ways that connect them over the streets below. It was so cool! There was this trick-or-treat theme going on. Lots of costumes, candy and we even found face painting! Allie decided to go scary.


This was a shark she hugged.

Here is Clifford the Dog.

Then we wandered into the Barnes and Noble to meet up with Kris and Maddi for a play date. We got to see a "Nellie" from Little House on the Prairie.

Nellie and some guy.

After some visiting at the bookstore, they took us to their favorite wishing fountain. Maddi brought a bunch of pennies for them to toss.

Maddi, Allie and Kris.

Allie and Maddi.

As we walked out of the shopping area, we saw these really cool and old churches. I had to take a picture of each. I will definitely be coming here again.

Church #1.

Church #2.

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ozartink said...

You have such a knack for discovering such an adventure....without trying!! Knock and the door will open!! It was possibly a toss up as to who had more fun.....Allie...or you!!!