Monday, October 4, 2010

Tooth Fairy

What's cuter than this smiling face?

This smiling face missing a TOOTH!

Last night as I was brushing Owen's teeth, I noticed that his loose tooth was just barely hanging on. I told him that it was probably going to come out soon. He asked me if it would happen in his sleep. Knowing how he doesn't tolerate pain very well, I took a shot in the dark and told him that he could probably pull it out NOW. He reached up and moved his hand away and said, "Like that!" And there it was. This little tooth right between his index finger and thumb. No tears, no pain, NO PROBLEM. Of course he was wound-up for about 20 minutes after the fact. But I took the mandatory pictures and got the blog up. First Lost Tooth- CHECK!

This is the "gold" that the Tooth Fairy left him.

Mommy and Daddy bought him a special toy for this milestone.

Below is a video I took shortly before the tooth came out!


Angie said...

so cute!!!

george said...

That video will probably be archived for some future reference when his first child loses his/her first tooth! No gain!