Monday, October 11, 2010

Girl Solo Date

Tonight, Jake came home and I went out on a "Carrie Date". I put on my headphones and walk around. I go into stores that I've been wanting to check out, I eat cool things at restaurants I've been wanting to try and I treat myself to a little "pampering".

This is a picture of me as I was walking out the door.

This is a cool second-hand shop.

I ate at this place called "Cambridge Common". I had crab cakes, a cup of clam chowder (my first time) and a Caesar Salad. It was SO GOOD!!!

I went into this exotic boutique and bought a hat.

I even stopped and got a "City Haircut".
I forgot to take a picture of this COOL salon, "Judy Jetson". I will blog about that experience tomorrow.

The kids wanted their picture with me. Owen took this one.

Allie took this one with me in my new hat.


Sunnye and RJ said...

I like your new haircut. Will get mine cut when I get an interview. Lets see how long it will be.

peanut3762 said...

Love the haircut! Want to go to the second hand shop though...please?

george said...

That is a great idea! Personal time! Enjoy some great tunes...good food...great places...didja see Sponge Bob ? (crab cakes).....The kids are doing quite well with the camera! But then....they have a great subject to work with!!!!