Thursday, October 28, 2010

Invisible Friend

I assume that everyone has had one. You know, that person you can practice conversations with. They don't talk back and they let you just express yourself. Well, Allie has one. Her name is Madame De Bosse (pronounced Bossae, sounds like "Bossy"). When we were walking home from the park today, Allie was pretending to be talking to someone on a pretend cell phone. When it appeared that her conversation was over, I asked who she was talking to. I was anticipating her saying someone we know. But she tells me without skipping a beat, "Oh, that? It was Madame De Bosse. She was wanting to know what my plans were for this afternoon." I probed a little farther and asked what she looks like. "She has a white face, bright red lipstick, red hair and a purple dress. And she is always cranky." The above picture of Natasha was the closest I could come to the description. What a creative little girl I have!


Angie said...

love this, love her

ozartink said...

Has she ever watched "Rocky and Bullwinkle"???